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The American Red Cross is an organization which has been helping people for many years. They take donations and put them toward helping people in times of need. They are a valued institution in the US. This paper will discuss the causes and effects of the American Red Cross.. The Red Cross started 3/5(8).

American Red Cross

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23:49 Shaktiran:
The mission of the American Red Cross was highlighted after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, gaining praise for its quick response immediately afterwards. Its administration is based on a volunteer 50 board of governors; the president of the US is an honorary chairman of the ARC who appoints eight governors including the chairman of the board.

10:28 Gardam:
The Movement is independent.

14:39 Zulkimi:
Throughout the years The Arc has expanded its services. In the following years the ARC expanded its role into biomedical research and entered the new field of human tissue banking. It must carry on its humanitarian work throughout its territory.

23:09 Meztinos:
In the ARC was stretched to its limit by four hurricanes and a tropical storm that ravaged coastal areas in Florida and other Southwest areas in a period of two months.